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Year 2 Christingle Service

Last Wednesday afternoon the Year 2 children went to St John’s church for a Christingle service. Christingle services take place during the season of Advent and form part of preparing for the celebration of Christmas. The Christingle itself is symbolic and for Christians each part has a particular meaning.

The orange represents God’s creation of the world. The candle symbolises the Christian belief in Jesus’ status as the ‘light of the world’. A piece of foil stops candle wax from dripping on our hands when the Christingle candle is lit, but more importantly the foil represents believers who are reflecting Jesus’ light. Around the middle of the orange is a strip of red which symbolises the belief that Jesus shed his blood and died to allow believers to be saved. The Christingle also has four cocktail sticks which are said to represent the four seasons of the year or the four corners of the world. Sometimes Christingles include sweets, but ours had different dried fruits attached to represent belief in God’s goodness in providing, for example food, water, shelter, families etc.

Matt the Vicar discussed the significance of these parts of the Christingle, then he said some prayers and answered questions. Finally we turned the lights off and lit the Christingles and saw how the light spread into even the darkest places in the church. The children were all very sensible and well behaved and it was a pleasure to take them out.

Here are a few pictures from the event –