Staying Safe over the 12 days of Christmas

Over the 12 days of Christmas Santa gave to me, some tips on festive safety!

  • Welcome to Santa’s Grotto – Have fun and Be safe!
  • Out Shopping – At such an exciting and busy time children can be easily lost – Have a plan, talk to the children about what to do if they get lost – Use reins or keep a tight hold of young children
  • Toy Safety  – Always buy toys from a reputable dealer, there are many cheap fakes out there, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! – Buy age appropriate toys – Check toys regularly for wear and tear – Look for these safety marks:
  • Winter Safety – Means dark nights and icy weather – Be aware of ice, especially under snow – Wear appropriate shoes or clothes – Be safe be seen – Carry a spade in your car if it looks like snow and extra warm clothes
  • Road Safety – THE GREEN CROSS CODE – THINK! Find the safest place to cross, then stop – STOP! Stand on the pavement near the kerb – USE YOUR EYES AND EARS! Look all around for traffic, and listen – WAIT UNTIL IT’S SAFE TO CROSS! If traffic is coming, let is pass – LOOK AND LISTEN! When it’s safe, walk straight across the road – ARRIVE ALIVE! Keep looking and listening
  • Bike Safety – If you’re buying a bike, roller skates or skate board this year… – Don’t forget the safety equipment, helmet, knee pads and fluorescent clothing – Be safe be seen, make sure their bike has working lights – For safe cycle routes visit
  • Fire Safety – Always turn off your fairy lights when you leave the house or go to bed,  – Always have a working smoke alarm and test it weekly, it could save your life – Remember to use a fireguard – Take pans off the heat if you are called away from the cooker, never leave cooking unattended. Always turn pan handles in on the stove – Always place candles away from fabrics and out of the reach of children and pets, never leave them unattended,
  • Trips and Falls – Christmas is often a time when your home is busier than usual, be aware of tripping hazards such as toys (and pets) on the floor, loose stair carpets and rugs, especially on wooden floors
  • Alcohol Safety – Drink Driving ruins lives, and remember that if you were drinking last night the alcohol will still be in your system – Children will want to try what the adults are having – Alcohol shouldn’t be given to under 16’s as it will have a greater affect and could damage their developing bodies
  • Food Safety – Make sure your turkey is thoroughly defrosted before cooking – Don’t wash the turkey before cooking, bacteria will be killed during the cooking process – Use separate chopping boards for raw meat and ready to eat foods – After handling raw poultry always wash your hands with warm water and soap and dry them thoroughly – For cooking times and advice on preparing your Christmas meal visit;
  • Santa Says – “Excellent tips for a safe Christmas…Merry Christmas everyone HO HO HO” – PS don’t forget the carrot for Rudolf! Santa x

If you would like to download a copy of the poster to print or a copy that the children can colour in they are both available below.

12 Days of Safety - printable poster


12 Days of Safety - colour in copy