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Primary school science is taught throughout our school, starting with exploration in nursery. There are two aspects of science taught at Biggin Hill Primary Academy, one with a predominant topic at its core and the other is ‘Working Scientifically’ which involves scientific investigations.

Each year group will visit specific scientific topics which are specified by the Science National Curriculum. Some year groups will revisit topics and linked topic areas from earlier on in their school life.

At Biggin Hill Academy, we believe that science should spark interest and intrigue from an early age and that the enjoyment of investigative, explorative and engaging discovery is paramount in developing a child’s understanding of the world around them. This is why we take a hands-on approach to science.

To further encourage and nurture scientific enjoyment, Biggin Hill hosts a yearly science week which is packed full of creative and inspiring science.

Please click the link to the Primary National Curriculum for Science for more information:

Use the links below to explore different science games and activities.

See how different animals move and then take the Quiz to test your knowledge.
Use your skills to solve the clues and outwit SKUL’s best agent.
Work your way up the food chain by eating everything smaller than you
Digger and the Gang keep getting stuck – Can you help?
Fly through rooms and adapt your Rocket to collect all the cogs
Munch Munch Munch!
Fun with science with the help of Sid 
Find the food chain’s deadliest predator
Help the environment with this fun eco game!