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Home help Maths videos

Here are some video demonstrations of pupils in each year group showing different methods of written calculation. Each video shows different ways that calculation is worked out in each year so you are able to help your child in the same way at home. Please scroll to your child’s year to see the selection of videos.

Year 1

[vimeo id=”202910572″]
[vimeo id=”202910581″]
[vimeo id=”202910590″]
[vimeo id=”202910606″]
[vimeo id=”202910597″]

Year 2

[vimeo id=”202910912″]
[vimeo id=”202910920″]
[vimeo id=”202910954″]
[vimeo id=”202910962″]
[vimeo id=”202910935″]
[vimeo id=”202910947″]
[vimeo id=”202910926″]

Year 3

[vimeo id=”202919393″]
[vimeo id=”202919404″]
[vimeo id=”202919721″]
[vimeo id=”202919398″]

Year 4

[vimeo id=”202920018″]
[vimeo id=”202919442″]
[vimeo id=”202919431″]
[vimeo id=”202919423″]

Year 5

[vimeo id=”203075054″]
[vimeo id=”203075068″]
[vimeo id=”203075063″]
[vimeo id=”203075057″]

Year 6

[vimeo id=”202919449″]
[vimeo id=”202919488″]
[vimeo id=”202919479″]
[vimeo id=”202919470″]