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At Biggin Hill Primary Academy, we explore History by encouraging the pupils look at the past in an exciting way. History is taught mainly through a topic based approach where the children can explore a wide range of sources allowing them to get a good understanding of historical events and times.

Pupils are encouraged to investigate the past and use evidence to ask questions and find answers to questions about the past. They will build an overview of world history by describing changes throughout history, including those in the local area. They will learn chronology by placing events, artifacts and historical figures on a time line using dates. Also pupils will learn, and be encouraged to use correct terminology when it comes to History and discussing events from the past.

We also like to the pupils to experience History first hand through handling artifacts, school trips and bringing in specialist History based workshops that relate to the topic they are studying.

Why not explore the history of our great city by visiting the museums below

Streetlife Museum

Hull and East riding museum

Wilberforce House

Hands on History Museum

Use the links below to explore History games and activities.

Have a look what was a
Victorian classroom like?
Answer questions on the great
plague to fling your teacher
Be a brave knight in a
Tudor joust!
Help the Officer
of the King, for his funeral
Learn all about the fire of
Time Explorer
Travel back in time to 1870
Lead your Viking friends to victory!
Living like a Greek.