The school will be closed from 3:20pm on Friday 20th March following government advice. For more information please click here to go to our dedicated Coronavirus page.

Ethos and Values

Ethos and Values

Every pupil has the right to attend an educational establishment which is committed to providing education of quality. At Biggin Hill Primary School we believe in giving children the life chances they deserve by providing a learning environment which is safe, secure and stimulating for all.

We aim to inspire, challenge and expect our pupils to achieve the standards of work and behaviour that they are capable of through:

Equipping pupils with academic skills and social attributes to meet the demands of today’s world and ensure their continued well-being;

Maintaining an environment where children can develop self-discipline, responsibility and self-motivation;

A curriculum that stimulates and challenges children to produce their best;

Developing a love of learning and experiencing success;

Acknowledging and celebrating personal achievements and contributions to school life;

Developing lively, enquiring minds and the ability to question and argue rationally;

Encouraging pupils to work and interact with each other, regardless of, and with respect for gender, religion, cultural background, disability or any other factor that would discriminate, provide discord or ‘unfairness’;

Working closely with parents/carers and families to ensure that all stakeholders see the positive benefits of working  together.