Phase 3

Phase 3 Termly Topics

Please find our topic overviews which are created to give parents an insight into what their child will be covering this term.

Autumn — America

During the Autumn term we will be studying America, looking at the geographical differences between different states and we will be looking at natural disasters and how they occur. We will also be learning about the history behind the slave trade and the journey that the slaves made to America.  Also we will be studying Art Deco and the influences it had in America, as well as making dream catchers in design and technology, looking at the history and the meaning behind them.

Spring — Volcanoes

In the Spring term we will be learning about how volcanoes are formed as well as locating volcanoes around the world. As part of this topic we will be learning about the history of a famous volcano, Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii and  gaining an understanding about how the lives of many had been effected by the famous eruption in AD 79.  As artists we will be re creating images linked to Mount Vesuvius using mosaic skills and researching Leonardo Di Vinci and practising a range of skills as well as completing a master piece.  In design and technology activity we will be making an erupting volcano.

Summer — The Amazon

We will be learning all about the Amazon and  the  habitats that it provides for a wide variety of animals. Throughout the summer term we will be learning all about the Amazon River in South America and studying the history behind the largest river by discharge of volume of water in the world, along with looking at the harmful effects of deforestation Links will be made to our science projects as we study the different species of animals within the Amazon and compare to animals living in local habitats. As part of our art and design and technology we will be studying South American carnivals.


We will be studying a range of topics,     including   calculation strategies, both mental and written methods, data    handling, shape and space, units of measure, and counting strategies. We will be continuing Big Maths to enhance mental strategies and calculation techniques.


We will be studying a range of genres, including narrative, poetry, non-chronological reports, recounts, persuasive and discursive. There will be a weekly opportunity for the children to enhance their writing skills by participating in Big Write. Children will have regular guided reading sessions with their teacher.

Reading: Children are expected to read a range of texts to an adult at home everyday. Adults can   respond to this in the children’s contact books, which need to be returned to school everyday.

Spelling: Each English group will receive a set of spellings each week which they will be tested on.

Homework: Children will be expected to complete any homework set by their teachers, including maths, English and topic.