Phase 2

Phase 2 Termly Topics

Please find our topic overviews which are created to give parents an insight into what their child will be covering this term.

Autumn — Hull

Within the Autumn term the children will be exploring Hull and discovering what makes it such a great place to live. They will use globes, maps and atlases to explore where Hull is in the world. They will identify the human and physical features of Hull and how these have changed over time.

Spring — Stone Age

During the spring term we will be learning about the changes in Britain from the Stone age to the Iron age. We will be exploring how people lived during this era and what skills they developed to survive . Also we will be comparing our homes today to a home from the Stone Age.

Summer — Ancient Egypt

This term we will be studying Ancient Egypt. We will be discussing what has happened to Egypt over the last 3000 years and we will be exploring the religious beliefs the Egyptians held. We will be very creative in this topic, making cartouches, death masks and learning hieroglyphics.


In maths this year, the children will be focussing on the four core operation: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. They will also be learning about shape, area and measures. This includes the metric system, such as length, mass and capacity and money. The children will be learning to conduct surveys and create charts and line graphs depicting the information in their data handling topic.


In English, we will be covering a range of topics such as fiction, non fictional reports, poetry and drama. Fiction topics will include exploring a range of techniques such as characterisation, the use of settings, suspense, adjectives and powerful verbs. Poetry covers Haiku and Acrostic poetry. Non fictional reports will range from newspaper articles to booklets and leaflets about real world subjects.

Reading: Children are expected to read at home each day with an adult.

Spelling: Spellings are taught within the classroom setting and are given as homework.

Homework: Homework may be given for the core subjects of maths and literacy. This can include, reading, spellings, times tables and worksheets.