Phase 1

Phase 1 Termly Topics

Please find our topic overviews which are created to give parents an insight into what their child will be covering this term.

Autumn— Superheroes

During this topic the children will explore the world of superheroes’. They will find out about real life heroes and what they have done As Scientists they will look at the human body , their super senses, and find out how to stay healthy. In Geography this term we will explore the world through looking at the places linked to our heroes. In Design and technology the children will design and make a superhero vehicle/mask. Our Art will look at the work of Andy Warhol.

Spring— Hull

Within this topic the children will explore local landmarks and learn about  the fishing industry and ports closely linked to Hull. In Science they will develop their knowledge of everyday materials and learn how to sort them in to different groups. We will look at the life of Amy Johnson, and create timelines in History. In Geography the children will find out about stories from around the world and different cultures. Our Art will look at the moths that were designed and displayed all over Hull and the children will develop their own colour mixing skills.

Summer— Seaside

As part of this topic the children will be asked to explore the seaside and other holiday destinations. They will find out about rock pools and the creatures that live there. They will also visit a local beach to link with this . As Scientists they will explore their local environment and discover a variety of plants, learning about what they need. In History they will learn about how Victorian holidays differ from today’s. They will also find out about Grace Darling and her life. In Geography the children will compare the seaside to one in another country. The children will  explore the work of  Andy Goldsworthy in Art and create their own Landart.


The children will learn to count, read and write numbers to 100 and beyond. They will learn a range of different calculation skills and will become confident when applying them to real life situations. The children will learn about shape, space and measure and will have the opportunity to explore them practically within the school environment. Throughout the year they will develop their mathematical  language.


During this year in English the children will learn to use language in imaginative ways and express their ideas and feelings when writing and speaking. They will be encouraged to become fluent and expressive in their reading and to build their confidence to read aloud and answer questions. They will also develop their punctuation and handwriting skills and will apply these to imaginative and factual pieces of work.

Reading: The children will be given an Oxford Reading Tree book to take home, we ask that books are brought in each day. Our reading challenge, read 5 times a week and get a prize.

Spelling: Spelling lists will be sent out each week for the  children to learn at home.  They will be tested on these each week.

Homework: Creative homework will be sent home each term, this will give the children the opportunity to work on topic related activities. Year 1 will send home homework booklets half termly.