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Lord Line Building and St Andrews Dock

We have received information today from the Hull City Council regarding the Lord Line and associated derelict buildings at St Andrews Dock.

Given the poor state of repair of the buildings trespassers are risking their lives entering these dangerous buildings and therefore pupils should be discouraged from accessing the site due to the risk of serious injury associated from doing so.

Responding to calls of people trespassing on the site also puts a strain on available police and fire resources which mean Humberside Police and Humber Fire & Rescue Service are unable to attend other incidents in the area – something which is not acceptable.

The structure, stairways and flooring of these buildings have all been significantly weakened by fire and water and present a massive danger to anyone entering unlawfully. It seems only a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously injured.

Could you please pass on this message to your children about the dangers of entering derelict buildings.