Following the schools closure, from Monday 20th April you can access j2e to continue learning from home. For more information please click here. Until then here is a letter from Mrs Emerson , have a lovely Easter break.

London Trip – Year 6

On Thursday 21st May nearly all of the Year 6 pupils thoroughly enjoyed a trip to London alongside Mr Chaffey, Mrs Emerson, Mrs Hare, Mrs Waterson and Mrs Clarke. The trip was packed with fun from start to end and was a wonderful experience for all.


The children experienced endless opportunities including sightseeing of the Capital from the London Eye, a wonderful tea at the fantastic Rainforest Cafe, staying the night in a lovely hotel and not to mention the highlight of watching the spectacular show of Matilda at the Cambridge Theatre. The trip was a huge success and I think that you would agree that the smiles on the childrens faces in the photographs shows just how much fun and enjoyment we all had!


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