Kalebs Cause

Kirsty and Shaun Lewis, from Bransholme, discovered their baby son had hypo-plastic left heart syndrome, a condition where the left lower pumping chamber of the heart does not develop properly.

Further tests have shown the baby, named Kaleb by the couple, also has atrial septal defect, a congenital heart problem where blood flows between the normally separated heart chambers.

Biggin Hill Primary staff decided to hold a fund raising event in aid of Kalebs Cause. A great  big thank you to everyone who supported the event.  Entertainment was enjoyed and  provided by Brian G .  A good night was had by all and also raised a total of £438.

Little Kaleb Lewis was born at 1.30pm on Tuesday after his mother Kirsty had a Caesarean section. Within minutes of his birth, Kaleb was whisked away from Kirsty and his father Shaun by an emergency team of medics and underwent a heart bypass on Tuesday night.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kaleb and his family.