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These are the topics we will be looking at this year. We would love you to help support your child’s learning in these topics. If you have any resources or interests in these areas please let us know.

  • EYFS Topics

    We provide a rich variety of teaching and learning experiences that are appropriate to the needs of the child.

    The children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which is divided into 3 prime and 4 specific areas.

    Prime Areas:

    • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    • Communication and Language
    • Physical Development

    Specific Areas:

    • Maths
    • Literacy
    • Understanding the World
    • Expressive Arts and Design
  • Phase 1 Topics

    Autumn — Ourselves

    During this topic the children will explore the world around them. They will find out about all elements of their lives including looking closely at their families, homes and school. As Scientists they will look at the human body and find out how to stay healthy. In Geography this term we will explore the children’s locality and the wider city of Hull. In Design and Technology the children will design and make their own toy or game. Our Art will look at the work of William Morris.

    Spring — The Great Fire of London

    Within this topic we will look at the great fire of London, including the work of Samuel Peeps, and create timelines in History. In Geography we will look at London and compare it to other UK cities. We will compare the difference between towns and countries.Our Art will look at London landmarks and Tudor houses. The children will develop their own sketching skills. In Design and technology we will bake bread. In Science they will develop their knowledge of everyday materials and learn how to sort them in to different groups.

    Summer — Out of Africa

    As part of this topic the children will be asked to explore the people and creatures of Africa. They will find out about the different habitats in Africa and the creatures that live there. As Scientists they will explore their local environment and discover a variety of plants, learning about what they need. We will look at different animal habitats. We will explore animal habitats. In History they will learn about the life of Nelson Mandela and early explorers to Africa. In Geography the children will compare village and rural life in Africa to here. The children will explore the work of David Shepard in Art and create their own animal paintings.

  • Phase 2 Topics

    Autumn — Vikings

    This term we will be studying the Vikings. Within the term will be exploring the reasons why the Vikings invaded Britain and where they formed their settlements. We will be looking at the beliefs of the Vikings and together we will learn Viking chants and songs. Also we will use a range of pencils and different techniques to create a pencil drawing of a Viking house. Within Design and Technology we will use a range of materials and joining techniques to create a Viking longboat.

    Spring — Roman Empire

    We will be exploring the impact that the Roman Empire had on Britain and what made the Roman Empire so powerful. We shall be researching reasons why Britain was so appealing to the Romans and how they impacted upon our country. Within Geography we will use a range of sources to explore where the Roman Empire originated from. We will create a statue of a Roman God or Goddess within Design and Technology using clay and we will develop and use mosaic techniques to create a Roman soldier shield.

    Summer — Tudors

    We will be studying the Tudors during our final term. We will visit the Beverley Minster, and explore the role of the church during this period in history. We will be looking at the importance of farmland during this time and the role of influential leaders. Within Geography we will investigate local Tudor settlements and buildings. Furthermore we will compare Tudor London to London today. We will hold a Tudor banquet and create food for this. We shall be designing our own Tudor inspired clothes range and holding a fashion show to celebrate our work.

  • Phase 3 Topics

    Autumn — World War II

    In the Autumn term we will be studying World War II. Within history we will explore how British life was affected for both women and children. Within Geography we will use a range of sources to explore different countries and cities that were bombed during the war. Within music we will listen to and create songs which would inspire and uplift those affected by the war. We will be creating wartime collages within art and soldiers badges using our sewing skills within Design and Technology.

    Spring — The Great British Empire

    In the Spring term we will be studying The Great British Empire. We will be studying the countries that form to make the Great British Empire and the role that they have played throughout history. As part of our topic, we will be learning about Great Britain and the features of islands, comparing and contrasting to other islands around the world.In addition to this, we will be creating art work that depicts scenery from around the world and making jewellery linked to the countries within the Great British Empire.

    Summer — Inspirational Leaders

    In the summer term we shall be studying a range of inspirational leaders. As part of our topic, we will be learning about the meaning of being inspirational and looking at the qualities of our key people and how they have impacted the world that we live in today. Each class will be creating a portfolio on a key person and this information will be shared amongst their peers. Linking to our topic we will be creating a project over the summer term that allows us to create an inspirational act of kindness, something that will have a positive impact in our local community.