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Calling All Year 6’s!!!

Hi Y6

Hope you are all well.

Although we can’t have a prom/disco we have decided we will hold a Biggin Hill Reunion disco when we are allowed to. This will hopefully give us chance to all be together again following and share stories about ‘Big school’ so watch this space!

We didn’t want you to think we have forgotten about you as you enter your last few weeks at Primary school. So, we have been busy planning a few little things to make sure you remember your friends and staff from Biggin Hill.

What we need you all to do is the following- it is totally up to you if you want to be part of this but I will need your help.

1. I need to know your t-shirt size (This is for a treat that will be coming for you over the summer hols- hopefully a nice reminder of your time at Biggin)

Kids sizes are 7/8- 30″ 9/11- 32″ 12/13- 34″ 14/15*- 36″

adult s m l

2. I need any old photos, new photos, crazy photos of you and your friends, Tik Toks etc. You must be willing to let me share them on Youtube or the school website

3. I need you to mime a line from the following song- be as creative and crazy as you can! Use pets, family, props etc again you must be happy for the video to be shared on Youtube and the school website.

4. Importantly we have got you all a school yearbook. What we hoped to do was to get you all to write a message in each other’s books. However this can’t happen but we have been thinking creatively. We need you to write no more than 3 sentences about your time at Biggin- below is my example.

Hi everyone, miss all my friends and teachers. I will always remember the residential trip and when I was the donkey in the play. Joe Bloggs

The video we can put together will only be any good if we get plenty of people joining in. The deadline for these things will be 10.00 am on Monday 29th June. If it comes after that we will not be able to include you.

Please send an email to including

1. Size

2. Photo attachments

3. Short miming clip

4. Piece of writing

Take care

Mr Clark